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Imagine — you’ve been locked in a pitch dark room. You reach your hand out into the darkness and feel around gingerly, expecting to bump into something. 

Eventually you make out the frame of a barred window, but it’s been rusted tightly shut. You summon all your strength and a final push slams the shutters open.

What would you feel when you looked out that bright window? Would it seem like freedom is within your grasp but yet so far away?

Everyone in the world is in a version of this situation. With the pandemic beating down heavily on our shoulders and having to wake up to shocking headlines day after day from places all around the world. The daily bread earner looks out longingly through the window at the roadside where he/she/ they used to sell their goods. The once bustling scene has now been replaced by barrenness, a ghost town. Young and old, all of humanity have little more than a window left to reminisce the better times.

What if a house has no windows? Given a choice, would you agree to live in it? Of course not. We, as a living entity, crave communication, creativity and light.

Life may be hard for all now but we can ill afford to close ourselves in a shell and shut out the world around us. Were we to focus only on the basic necessities of life, do you think we could  ever overcome this ginormous obstacle? Would life be worth living?

Humanity’s greatest victories have come during the most dire times. You may feel tied down, the shackles getting tighter and tighter each day but life is not just about existing. To live is to explore — oneself as much as those around us.

Humans have roamed the earth for millennia, living and exploring everything that comes along their way. Now we are wedged in tiny rooms with hardly any space to do any of our daily activities.

Getting creative in that tiny space our yours will certainly be a challenge but it will bring you a manifold of joy that will grow dearer to you each day. The body may be trapped but the mind is free. The window that has been taken for granted throughout our lives has become the connection to the amazing possibilities of the world outside — a window to the future.


Seize the day, reach out to your loved ones, broaden your windows, and may these days become a cherished memory that you can narrate to a curious child one day.

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