Panorama Grills & Kababs

Living in the city of bandhs and blockades, we don't stop working, we simply adapt to the situation. It’s been a year we opened our studio, we had a lot of fun; faced a lot of new troubles, experienced little things in life.

Oh! And I totally forgot to introduce myself.

Hello! Boys and girls, Uncle and Aunties, this is Jackson Meisnam from Unibrow Studio. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, video maker at Unibrow Studio, Khoyathong Polem Leikai, Imphal. About “Unibrow Studio,” we are a team of two creative heads; co-partner’s name is Shim Khaling, she is a painter too.

So, we ran around scanning the city, the corporate societies, looking for projects we would like to work on. Surprise to everyone we bagged the opportunity to shoot a Television Commercial for Panorama grills & Kababs, Classic Grande, Chingmeirong, Imphal.

The Client, Mr. Sachidanand, the GM of the Classic Group of Hotels, wanted a simple render of the food items and the beautiful ambiance of the rooftop café to broadcast in the local channel. Honestly, not because we worked on this project, the place is real cozy; opens every evening from 06:00pm - 09:30pm, located on the rooftop of The Classic Grande Hotel. Special menus include tandoori Salmon, Pomfret and Lobster.

The interior of the cafe is beautiful, warm and already had a perfect light for a video shoot. Lucky us! We didn’t have to set any extra light for the shoot; the whole video was shot with the available lights. Used Canon mk iv with 24-105mm f2.8 for simple pan and tilt shots. Good to see, they had groomed the table ready for the shoot. It went smooth and the food was good.

Sharing few frames of the café. Enjoy!

Thanks for the read.

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