Asia Meets Asia 2018 India Tour - Imphal stop

Organised by Nachom Arts Foundation
at Kalakshetra Imphal, Manipur. 


Duration: 35 mins
Creating "Here and now", by the fundamental human activity "Walking". Performers just do repeat walking "forth and back " on parallel lines. That is, the transient excitement of body and soul, which vibrates and 
disturbs your reality of here and now.
Walking continuing eternally is sometimes chopped, backtracking, and also moving forward with various memories, illusion, and intention.

One Thousand and One Nights

Duration : 70 mins
We, Asian people themselves, connect this narrative collection, born from Asia already known worldwide as
Arabian Night, to our modern age. Night tale to a modern tyrant talked by women of Sheherazade who
comes from all over Asia. Asian entertainment with singing and dancing on play.
Imphal-Nitant Nair
Bangalore-Archana Kumar
Baguio-Dumay Solinggay
Tokyo-Akihiro Nakajima, Takumi Harada, Misaho Yajima,
Kenichi Takeda, Senba Yuki, Alec Asgari, Ikumi Ohashi
Hongkong-Tong Szehong, Chu Sauman, Lee Chiman
Shanghai-Sun Dasi

Hiroshi Ohashi ( Tokyo) & Tong Szehong (Hong Kong)

Hiroshi Ohashi

Thank you!

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